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LUCRETIA on Radio Varna/Bulgarian National Radio Station

“The Other Side” - metal music channel on Radio Varna/Bulgarian National Radio - aired an interview and played “Seven Deadly Sins” from LUCRETIA’s debut album “World of Shades”. Martin Nikolov, director and moderator of the channel, talked with founding member Teddy Sotirov about LUCRETIA’s history and the debut album.

На 8 януари в "От другата страна" по радио Варна. Специално интервю с Методи Сотиров за дебюта

на благоевградската траш/дет метъл банда LUCRETIA и албума им "World of Shades".


For more information / За повече информация:


Listen to the interview here / Тук можете да чуете интервюто: (insert the audio “Radio Varna Interview” file here)

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